Michael Francis

Michael Francis

Chief Conductor and Artistic Advisor, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

"The players gave an unusually expressive reading of the Elgar, with an especially rich string sound that Francis clearly elicited from the podium. At the performance’s conclusion, when the final crescendo brought in the full orchestra and the Watjen Concert Organ with bass stops that rival the rumble of a Boeing jet, and the energetic Francis was practically airborne off the podium, the total effect was staggering. It was a performance that made you realize yet again that there is nothing like the live sound of a great orchestra in a great hall." —Melinda Bargreen, The Seattle Times - March 2013

Davies Hall, The San Francisco Symphony; Program: My Classic Americana "At times [Michael Francis] got us clapping along in such good spirits, we might as well be at the Albert Hall Proms. The young Englishman has now conducted several summer seasons in San Francisco and is a great hit with our audience, bringing just the right touch of knowing wit, uncomplicated musicality, good spirits and schoolboy snark to the proceedings." "[He is] the sort of conductor whose gestures a listener can read intuitively. His body makes a movement - and something audible happens. [He] moves with the music in an unbuttoned way, at high energy, as a good dancer would. ..it is abundantly clear that Francis "gets" it - and us." "No one has come along who quite could dance as [Bernstein] did in this music - and still break your heart at the same time. Michael Francis almost did on Thursday." —Steven Kruger, Berkshire Review, an International Journal for the Arts - July 2012

"Guest conductor Michael Francis whipped the Oregon Symphony into a veritable whirlwind of sound during Bohuslav Martinù’s Fantaisies symphoniques…” “Francis displayed an incredible array of gestures and stickwork to inspire the orchestra to reach into the emotional complexity of Martinù's music and express it to the fullest. The wildest gyrations seemed to be spot on every single time, and the ending result was stunning.” —James Bash, Oregon Music News - April 2011


Chief Conductor and Artistic Advisor, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Michael Francis has catapulted far beyond his impressive last minute ‘step-in’ engagements with the London Symphony where he replaced Valery Gergiev and later John Adams in 2007.

Recently appointed Chief Conductor and Artistic Advisor to Sweden’s Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Michael Francis follows in the footsteps of Herbert Blomstedt and Franz Welser-Möst each of whom were Chief Conductor with the orchestra in the early stages of their careers.

His successful 2010 ‘step-in’ debut with the San Francisco Symphony has led to his conducting . . .

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